10 Awesome widgets you’ll love to include in your WordPress website

WordPress is considered to be a dual-purpose software program. In addition to serving itself as an excellent blogging software, it has even been appreciated as one of the most affordable web development platforms. With a wide range of widgets to choose from, WordPress renders the much-needed support for building attractive yet user-friendly websites. If you too have been looking for easy-to-install widgets for your WordPress website then you’re definitely in luck because in this post I’ve compiled an extensive list of 10 awesome widgets developed for WordPress websites.

WordPress Widget No.1- Random Post Widget
Random Post Widget is a great addition to content-rich WordPress blogs wherein the blog owner wants his/her readers to have an easy access to a random collection of articles. This WordPress widget supports multiple instances with WordPress version 2.8 and above. After having downloaded for 47,510 times till date, Random Post Widget is definitely going to impress many more WordPress users in the future as well.

WordPress Widget No.2- BuddyPress Activity Tags
With the trend of tagging making grounds in today’s web world, it’s a good idea to insert tags and clouds into your blog posts. BuddyPress Activity Tags widget lets you do this by offering you an easy access to numerous features including:

  • Customizable activity tags page URI
  • Click tags
  • Customizable style sheet for results and widgets pages
  • Control to customize the display of tags

WordPress Widget No.3- Add Link to Facebook
Installing  Add Link To Facebook widget automatically adds links to posts or pages that are being published to your Facebook page. This helps you in gathering readers for your WordPress blog from Facebook. You may even choose to customize the way links for your blog posts appear on Facebook.

WordPress Widget No.4- Twitget
Just like “Add Link To Facebook” widget is customized for linking your blog to Facebook,  Twitget is a WordPress widget that allows your latest tweets to be displayed on your blogging site. Some noticeable features of this widget include:

  • An option to customize the tweets that need to be shown on blog page
  • An option to customize the display of retweets or replies
  • An option to customize the display of profile box
  • Flexibility to show Twitter times in sync with clients’ time-zone
  • Full support for over 30 languages

WordPress Widget No.5- Amazon Related Products
As the name suggests, Amazon Related Products is a WordPress widget that adds contextual Amazon products into your blogs. These products are added as per the tags/keywords mentioned within your blog posts/guest posts. An indirect affiliate program, Amazon Related Products widget installation is a great way of making good money.

WordPress Widget No.6- LinkedIn Master
If you’re an avid follower of LinkedIn and want to integrate your WordPress blog/site to your LinkedIn connections, then LinkedIn Master is the widget for you. You can install this widget to your WordPress site/blog to gather visitors/readers from LinkedIn.

WordPress Widget No.7- Wripl
Adding a personal touch to your WordPress site/blog works wonders for you and Wripl widget lets you do this with utmost professionalism. Installing this widget offers you the chance to provide your readers suitable recommendations regarding articles/blog posts they might like to read in the future. The best part of this widget is that you can offer anonymous recommendations, keeping any subject-based disparity issues at bay.

WordPress Widget No.8- Event Organizer
Keeping your readers abreast with all the events that are going to be held in different categories (here, by ‘categories’ I mean the ones included within your WordPress blog) is an excellent way of sustaining them on your blog. Installing  Event Organizer widget lets you create events that have the same functionality as the posts published on your WordPress blog.

WordPress Widget No.9- Our Money Exchange
If your business requires you to have an up-to-date information about the exchange rates in different countries then installing Our Money Exchange widget into your WordPress website will do the magic. Upon installation, this widget provides you exchange rates’ updates in real-time. With a support for over 168 exchange rates, Our Money Exchange widget offers you currency changes as per your specific preferences.

WordPress Widget No.10- WP Job Hunter
If you own a Job portal but are reluctant in using it as an affiliate website, WP Job Hunter is the widget for you. Unlike major job portals wherein you need to perform a number of activities for operating an affiliate program, installing WP Job Hunter will make things easier for you. Installing this widget will let you earn money each time a user clicks on any job listing available on your WordPress website. And, the best part of this widget is that you can use it without the need for learning any programming language.

Summing It All UpSo, that was a list of 10 best WordPress widgets, especially compiled for you. Hope you’d have loved the features of these widgets, which can actually add that tone of perfection to your WordPress powered blog/site.

If you’ve been using any of these widgets on your WordPress site, do share your experiences via the comments section below. Also, do drop in your feedback/suggestions for the above post.