3 Effective Ways to Customize the WordPress Dashboard

3 Effective Ways to Customize the WordPress Dashboard

WordPress popularity is upsurging, due to the ease it provides website owners to manage and make minor edits in the site. Since working with WordPress is pretty easy even for a beginner or a non-tech savvy person, often novices don’t pay much attention to using the WordPress dashboard carefully. But it is important for them to understand that WP dashboard is the main control hub of the WordPress website.

What’s more?

The dashboard comes enriched with many options and functionalities that helps customize your site as per your exact needs. For instance, you can use plugins to add enhanced features and capabilities. But the default WP dashboard may not be tailored to meet all your wants and needs, especially it is important to ensure that the navigation items in your dashboard befits your website’s needs – to make maximum use of your WordPress site functional ability.

You can adorn your WP dashboard with the perfect design that not only match up to your expectations but is also well liked by your users. Simply put, you need to build a fully-functional interface that in spite of being complex is ordered and can be worked upon easily by users. Below is a list of 3 basic yet effective ways that helps to customize the dashboard:

1. Admin Themes

Just like any regular website themes, you can find several admin themes that helps to give a new visual appeal to your dashboard. These themes are nothing more than a refined form of your original dashboard theme, ensuring that the users easily understand the new look and feel – which is based on the similar framework as your previous dashboard.

2. Dashboard Settings

WordPress comes built-in with settings that helps to control some of the basic configuration features in your WP site. You can tweak the settings by choosing certain options in the dashboard screen options panel. You can choose anything from widgets, to how many columns you want to display etc. in your main dashboard page from the screen options panel. By changing the settings you can keep your dashboard clean and uncluttered.

3. Using the Sweet Custom Dashboard Plugin

If are not familiar with the WP framework but do possess coding knowledge, then you can use the Sweet Custom Dashboard Plugin. Wondering why? The plugin lets you create your own custom dashboard page that will contain the HTML and PHP elements you want in the site. And thus, you can have complete control over your website functionality and can do a lot of things with your WP dashboard – in order to give unique experience to your visitors.


WordPress provides remarkably easy ways to make your website dashboard tailored, which includes admin themes, default screen options and sweet custom dashboard plugins and a lot more. While admin themes help you bring changes to the design, screen options panel help you choose dashboard preferences and sweet custom dashboard plugin let you have control over the dashboard functionality. This article will provide you more detailed information about all these ways.