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Having spent the last several months working with Drupal trying to comb through their documentation, which is feat in itself,  and where adding image styles is as simple as using the configuration panel, going back to WordPress isn’t as easy as riding a bike. Every Web Designer, or Developer, is always looking for a way to speed up development; which is why we use frameworks and cheat sheets. But is searching through the WordPress codex really the fastest way to remember how to add post image sizes? 

I just recently started using Sublime Text 2 and I fell in love with in 5 mins of using it!  Not only is it a great editor, it has a ton of community built packages that you can install. If you are like me and are constantly using multiple programming languages, frameworks and content management systems, you know how easy it is to go months without using them. Which is when you tend to rely on cheat sheets and framework docs.

The beauty of Sublime Text 2 and its community contributed packages is you can have all of these items in one place, without even leaving your editor.  To get started, you need to install Sublime Package Control.

First, open the Sublime Text 2 Console by pressing control + ` once it opens, paste the following command into the console:

[code style=”1″]import urllib2,os; pf=’Package Control.sublime-package'; ipp=sublime.installed_packages_path(); os.makedirs(ipp) if not os.path.exists(ipp) else None; urllib2.install_opener(urllib2.build_opener(urllib2.ProxyHandler())); open(os.path.join(ipp,pf),’wb’).write(urllib2.urlopen(‘’+pf.replace(‘ ‘,’%20′)).read()); print(‘Please restart Sublime Text to finish installation’)[/code]

Now, press the escape button to close the console. Package Control is driven by the Command Pallete. To open the pallete, press ctrl+shift+p (Windows, Linux) or cmd+shift+p (OS X). All Package Control commands begin with Package Control:, so start by typing Package.


Once you have selected Package Control: Install Package, start to type the package you want to install. A list of all community packages can be found here. Below is a list of the packages I have installed and use daily. The beauty of these community packages, is that they are hosted on GitHub; so, if theres a snippet you would like to add follow the snippet guidelines for Sublime Text 2 and send the creator a pull request. To learn about Pull Requests, you can read all about them on GitHubs Pull Request documentation.

  • Drupal Snippets – This contains a list of snippets used in Drupal 7 themeing and Drupal 7 Modules
  • WordPress Snippets – These are code snippets for building WordPress themes – including custom post types, registering sidebars, ect…
  • WordPress Codex Search – This allows you to search the codex right from Sublime Text 2.
  • Ruby on Rails – A core collection of ruby, rails, rspec and erb snippets.
  • Larvel 4 – Code Snippets from the Larvel 4 Docs.

Cheat Sheet Directories

If you don’t use Sublime Text 2, or just like to stick with online cheat sheets, I have 2 sites that have more cheat sheets, in one place, than you could find on google after searching for hours. is a site that collects programming cheat sheets from all over the web and is a great resource when in need of some quick documentation.

over-api is an open community of developers building resources for a better web, regardless of brand, browser or platform. Anyone can contribute and each person who does makes us stronger. Together, we can continue to drive innovation on the Web to serve the greater good. It starts here, with you.


No matter if you are a beginner, a code ninja, or a seasoned programmer/designer, we are all looking for new ways to make our workflow quicker and more efficient.  If you are a beginner, one thing I urge you to do is get involved with some open source projects on GitHub. Even if you just edit a file that has an end quote out of place, or a missing semi colon, it’s contributing. The more you dive into code the more you will learn.  The community packages for Sublime Text 2 are all open source and encourage others to submit code snippets to add to their libraries.  Give back, because the more you do the better the web will become. Also, check out Gittip and support the developers that are helping to build the open source community and have helped to build it to where it is today.

Post the Cheat Sheets and The Sublime Text packages you use in the comments section below.

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