Free & Premium Mobile Game Assets

Mobile games have become a staple among teens, children and adults alike. The phone has become one of the top gaming systems and with games like Candy Crush, Flappy Bird, Clash of Clans and the thousands of other games in the app stores how can it not be. My biggest question when I was learning how to build mobile apps is how do I build a game, or even design the assets that would make up my game. Well thats what we are going to look at today! This is the first part in our three part series on building mobile apps.

Part 2 Learning How Build a Mobile Game Through Tutorials.
Part 3 Free & Premium Music & Sound FX For Your Game.

Not everyone is a designer and most programmers are definitely not designers so you have a few options you can either find a designer and pay them to design your game for you, or you can use some of the following assets to do it. Some of these are free but the best assets usually cost something and they are usually high quality.

A huge resource for game assets is they have a massive free collection of Game Art under a creative commons license. The best part is I have found some of the best Game Designers work on there like Kenney his work can be found here.


Next is the Open Stock Project that has some great graphics for games that can take your next project from good to EPIC!


Those are just 2 of many free sites out there to get some great free Game Art. Now with premium graphics there is a plethora of sites but the best are hard to come by.

Graphic River is probably one of the largest out there and if you are looking for it they most likely have it. There is nothing better then a market place because you have tons of designers trying to sell their best work and the best part is you can get it a lot cheaper then trying to find a designer to do it. You never know if your game will make any money and once it starts to I would recommend hiring a designer to fine tune your app and take it to the next level. However for an indie game developer a site like graphic river is a blessing.


Another marketplace and our last one for today is GameSalad not only do they have Game Art but they have music, as well as full games you can purchase. GameSalad even has a Mobile Game Design Program where you can build a mobile game across all platforms and is perfect for designers.


Do you have a site that you use for Game Art? Leave it in the comments below and be sure to keep an eye out for part 2 and 3 of this series!