Free & Premium Music & Sound FX For Your Game

Music and sound effects are one of the most important aspects of any mobile game. Without music and creative sound effects, a game will seem flat and out of sync. More and more today mobile gamers are playing their games with headphones on or with the volume turned up. This means your game needs to have a great soundtrack and an even better SFX track.

Today it is very easy to find great music and SFX for free or just as easy to create yourself with the use of Garage Band or any other music creation software you have. However the collection of premium music at affordable prices has never been greater either!

Please always remember to read the license of free music and give credit where credit is dues!

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The #1 place to go for great sound tracks has to be SoundCloud, one of the largest collections of music creations and most of them are free for download and if you ever have doubts contact the creator and ask if you could use it, whats the worst they will say no?


IndieGameMusic, not as big as SoundCloud but it is a site dedicated to game development.


For Sound FX there are tons of sites especially since its not just game developers that use these but videographers and motion graphics artist need sound effects all of the time. Now Garage Band has a plethora of sound fx built in but if you just want to download and go Free Sound Effects is your site!


A premium option is Audio Jungle a large marketplace full of amazing soundtracks and SFX to choose from! Now I added this because I believe it is a great resource but don’t turn your nose up to the free items because even professionals will look for a free SFX before they buy one.


Let us know what resources you use for your game music and sound FX in the comments below!