Getting Started With Google Fonts

Google Fonts has changed the way Web Designers / Developers have used fonts in websites, It has given us options to use better looking fonts then the standard Web Fonts plus no more having to use Flash or @font-face to get that font that will take the design over the top! There are over 630 fonts to choose from and installing them is fairly easy! There are a couple options when it comes to using Google Fonts in your next project. The different installations include:

  1. Standard – link to an external css file
  2. @import – include the @import url in your style.css file
  3. Javascript – Include the Script in your website.

Once you have chosen your desired installation using the font is as easy as copying the provided font-family:; css into your style sheet. Below is an example using the @import if you decide to use the other options just include the stylesheet or script in the head section of your website and then use the code below minus the @import.

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