What all new features can you expect in Drupal 8?

Aimed at delivering better web development tools and great value to customers, the upcoming Drupal 8 release seems to be the most promising version. It is expected that it will offer over 200 additional features and won’t require any extra installations.

With the big release of Drupal 8, one will be able to tailor and handle their web content with a breeze. It is backed with powerful themes, modules and content editing tools and its backend supports modern Object Oriented Programming.

Let’s have a look at what revolutionary features will Drupal8 bring in stores for us.

#1. Better configuration:

Unlike earlier versions, Drupal 8 will not store the configuration management settings in the database. Rather, it will stored them away from the database, in a master folder.

  • When the module is enabled, the system will automatically create a copy of default settings in the master configuration folder and when you modify any setting, it will get updated in the folder.
  • It help you to isolate the configuration and production data.
  • It facilitates version control.
  • Hence, you will be able to manage configurations professionally in an efficient way.

#2. Perfect for mobile devices:

Now, you won’t need to launch a mobile-friendly website after releasing a site. Drupal 8 has strived to stay ahead of crowd; this version will design websites to target mobile users as well.

  • It will come complete with responsive template and thus, will be able support various mobiles with ease.
  • Mobile users can conveniently access it with its revamped admin panel
  • It is expected to represent table in a cluttered and organized fashion.

#3. Enhanced multilingual support:

Being the most popular open source content management system, Drupal has always strived to offer better user experience to the users across the globe and this is why, it has supported multiple languages.

  • To further endeavor its goals, Drupal 8 will come complete with the capability to translate any text via built-in interfaces.
  • You can also create flexible pages by setting language filtering in Views.

#4. Integrated web services:
With Drupal 8, you will be able to allow external applications to access and update the content of your site via web. To ensure security, you can facilitate a client with HTTP authentication, where he will need to fill his authentic credentials like username, password, etc. After this, he will be able to access your content without accessing the code. Drupal 8 features REST that allow one to make web services on their site.

#5. Introduced “Twig” to support trendy themes:

Almost everyone demands a template that comes stacked with rich features. But, according to the current web trend, a template with more features is tend to become non-responsive or will add exponential loading time to the website. Hence, we need a different approach.

Looking forward to Drupal 8, since it is expected that it will solve the issue in a reliable manner. It will offer an efficient template engine for PHP, named as “Twig”. This will facilitate one to define templates in an easy-to-read syntax that can be conveniently understood and reused in a desired way.

The engine – Twig allows one to design appealing and captivating templates without adding to the site loading time.

#6. Amazing Views:

Views play a great role in Drupal powered sites, since it facilitates listing blocks, customizing the front page and more. It will also allow users to create custom themes administration pages and update the actions and filters as desired.

#7. Offers great accessibility:

Currently we have Drupal 7, which is the most accessible CMS out there, and the forthcoming Drupla 8 will deliver extravagant performance with great enhancements; and one of them will be WAI-ARIA suite, it stands for Web Accessibility Initiative Accessible Rich Internet Application. This technology will allow people with disabilities to access your Drupal-enabled website with ease, and hence, will facilitate you to target more audience.

Wrapping Up:
Drupal 8 has not been released yet, but it has already gathered lot of attention among the web developers. It will offer huge scale and impactful transformations. The loaded innovation and incredible opportunities will allow web designers and developers to take their career to new heights. Considering its various facets, Drupal 8 will be the biggest and better release by Drupal.