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The open source community is growing rapidly, everyday web designers and developers are coming up with new technologies and libraries to help make the web a better place.  Here are 8 libraries and Frameworks that I think every web designer and developer can benefit from using.


Have you ever spent hours writing form validation? With Parsle.js form validation is a breeze, you will never have to write a single line of javascript code again to validate forms. Parsley.js will handle it all for you, by using data attributes Parsley.js will validate your forms on the front ed and allow you to spend more time on the look a feel of your site.

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Magnific Popup

Magnific Popup is a responsive jQuery lightbox plugin that is focused on performance and providing best experience for user with any device. Choose to add Image light boxes, Galleries, or Modal windows with this plugin you can have a responsive lightbox or modal window in no time at all.

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RequireJS is a well known JavaScript module and file loader which is supported in the latest versions of popular browsers. In RequireJS we separate code into modules which each handle a single responsibility. Additionally, dependencies need to be configured when loading files.

Twitter Bootstrap

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Twitter Bootstrap is a Javascript and CS framework, It can be used for rapid development or used to build full web applications. It has a standard 960 Grid and has the ability to become a responsive grid. It is built with LESS a CSS pre-processor that allows for dynamic style sheets.  It comes stock with button styles, custom forms and alerts, progression bars, modal windows, an Image / Content Slider, drop down menus, nav bars,  accordions and much much more.



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Quickly create prototypes and production code for sites and apps that work on any kind of device. Foundation is developed in Sass, which is powerful CSS pre-processor that helps you write cleaner, more organized, CSS that you can more easily maintain over time without the typical headaches of vanilla CSS. This Framework contains very similar items that Twitter Bootstrap does, but it is fully responsive right out of the box. It also includes javascript plugins like, JoyRideMagellan, and Interchange.


BX Slider

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BX Slider is a responsive image slider, it has the capability to do anything with a great callback api and an easy to read documentation, installing this slider is quick and easy.  With the Callback API and Public Methods included in this plugin you can do virtually anything at any point during the slide show. I have used this slider on a countless number of projects and it is my go to when I need something quick, It also helps that there not much styling that has to be done it works and looks good right out of the box!



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GMaps is a javascript plugin that makes it really easy to use Google Maps to display a map to your user. There are multiple options that make it easy to add pointers to the map, directions, information boxes and lots more. No more extensive documentation or large amount of code.


Picksum Ipsum

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Picksum Ipsum isn’t a library or a framework, it is just a website that I think is AWESOME, and makes adding place holder copy a little more fun! They take the “Hardest” Hollywood legends and create place holder copy of the best lines they have given. This is straight from their website. “Do you love movies as much as you love making cool websites? Then, boy – have we got the lorem ipsum for you! Our badass text generator will give you the best lines from some of the hardest Hollywood legends – we’re talking Eastwood, Caine, Carrey and Freeman – and mix them up ready to work their magic on your new website. In fact, we reckon you’ll love Picksum Ipsum so much, you might never want to replace it with real text.

Simply pick your main man, choose your number of paragraphs and tell us if you’d likesum <P> tags, then in one click we’ll give you the script to create a web page which is a huge hit. Your website is too cool for boring lorem ipsum, so why not make something that really stands out by using our lorem ipsum alternative instead?

If you’re a film fan as well as a web genius, get to grips with our cool text generator now and Picksum Ipsum.” Give it a try it will make staring at place holder copy a lot more enjoyable then looking at a language you will never understand!


I know this isn’t all of the best libraries and frameworks out there but it is a start if you have more to add, or have some opinions about the ones we have added let us know in the comments below!

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