Have a WordPress, Drupal or HTML that you want us to feature or review, or have you found a theme that you find useful and want us to feature? All you have to do is send us an email via the contact form below.  Give us  a 1-2 paragraph about the theme, a link to view it, and a link the purchase/ download  page so we can link to it! We submit all of our posts to all of our social networks and work very hard to help get awareness for your resource.

Do you want to write a guest post about your theme or have a press release to share? Send us an email with a description or your product, a link to your product, and specify that you want to give us a press release to share with our readers.  The press release may not contain any material that is not appropriate for a work place environment.  We will work with you to get your press release or guest post out in a timely manner to our readers

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