Top Gadgets for Web Developers

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Web Developers are creative we love to create things and use things others have created. There are tons of gadgets that come out just take a look at KickStarter, only the best gadgets end up in our homes and offices. However if you’re like me you’re the first to back a project especially if it solves a problem and today there are more sites out there allowing people to build things they and others will love.

I am always checking out some sites that have tons of cool gadgets here are a few: TouchOfModern and Grand St.!

Here is a collection of gadgets I believe every Web Developer should have, they deliver top quality, they solve problems, and they are entertaining. Check these out for yourself, your spouse, friend or colleague.



Lima is compact and powerful, instead of having to buy more storage space on dropbox or google drive you can use the harddrives you alrady own and create you own private cloud.



Coin is the best next thing in tech, everybody especially men know what its like to have tons of cards in their wallet and how uncomfortable it can be at times. Well Coin solves all of those problems, by combining all of your cards into one.



The iPhone 5 is a great device and with responsive deign and mobile applications on the rise having this device or if you hate Apple for everything its worth don’t worry the Nexus5 is up next. A great device that every developer should own!



The Google Nexus5 is a great device and a great option if you don’t like the iPhone. It has stock Android so you don’t have to worry about the horrible skins that Samsung and HTC put on their devices you get all of the great features built into Android without any modification. But that doesn’t mean you can’t modify your device because thats what Android is all about! If you don’t want an iPhone this is the best option.



Pebble came out when rumors were flying around that Apple was coming out with a smart watch, but Pebble took the scene by storm not only is it a great poece of tech but it looks great and works with both the iPhone and Android.